The power of the dream

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realisering van jouw droom die niet ten koste gaat van anderen

is het ultieme plezier en passie van de levende God

Deep within each heart
There lies a magic spark
That lights the fire of our imagination
And since the dawn of man
The strenght of just "I can"
Has brought together people of all nations

Thereís nothing ordinary
In the living of each day
Thereís a special part
Every one of us will play


Feel the flame forever burn
Teaching lessons we must learn
To bring us closer to the power of the dream
As the world gives us its best
To stand apart from all the rest
It is the power of the dream that brings us here

Your mind will take you far
The rest is just pure heart
Youíll find your fate is all your own creation
Every boy and girl
As they come into this world
They bring the gift of hope and inspiration


Thereís so much strength in all of us
Every woman child and man
Itís the moment that you think you canít
Youíll discover that you can

Refrain (2 times)

The power of the dream
The faith in things unseen
The courage to embrace your fear
No matter where you are
To reach for your own star
To realize the power of the dream
To realize the power of the dream